Cloud Computing
My research group main focus is on supporting those developers of cloud applications who do not want to be locked into a single cloud provider. Our paper at Closer 2013 describes one of our initial experiments on the development of a library that abstracts from the services offered by a specific cloud and allows developers to build applications that are not bound to a specific cloud. Another important aspect concerns the need of developers to be supported in evaluating the QoS of a certain application when it is deployed on a specific cloud. Our paper at the MultiCloud 2013 workshop is focusing on this issue. We are currently developing the Space4Cloud tool that is supporting this task.

There are good reasons to deploy an application on multiple clouds. This way the application provider can offer to its users a reliable service switching from one cloud to the other depending on their current performance. Moreover, it can also save money if the cost of the underlying clouds varies overtime and it can choose and exploit the cheapest one any time. In order to achieve these objectives, proper multicloud monitoring and self-adaptation mechanisms should be put in place. The Ordring and Micas 2013 papers are focusing on monitoring and self-adaptation respectively.

More details on our activities on Cloud are available on the MODAClouds website and on our group page.